NGL Reveals Team Helmets

by NGL Personnel

Atlanta, GA -- The National Gridiron League (NGL) today revealed the helmets of the league's twelve inaugural teams.

"The NGL is about football and fun, and our helmets are a significant aspect of our team identities," said National Gridiron League COO, Larry Barlow. 

"We're confident fans and players will enjoy their team's look, this is the beginning of what will happen on the field and in the community, for years to come."

The NGL team identities were presented on social media channels previously; fans are encouraged to follow the National Gridiron League and league teams on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

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Arkansas Twisters
Atlanta Wildcats
Baton Rouge Redsticks
Indiana Blue Bombers
Indiana Firebirds
Kansas Kapitals
Mississippi Mudcats
Pennsylvania Pioneers
Saint Louis Stampede
Texas Bighorns
Virginia Destroyers
Virginia Iron Horses