What Are Coaches Looking For In Players?

by NGL Personnel

JACKSONVILLE, FL- There is one question often asked by players attending league or team tryout events. What are the coaches looking for in a player? The answer may differ from coach to coach and staff to staff. So as always, we here at Draft Xtreme chose to jump into action and dig deeper for a more in-depth answer and what we discovered is the answer varies in player attributes, but not in player traits. Many variables play a factor in response to this question.  Some coaches love the players with freakish athleticism that run fast forty-yard dashes and leap high vertical jumps and are seeking to find a walking schematic mismatch. Another coaching staff may be more impressed with prospects that display great technique and a willingness to be coached, but there are some player traits all coaches hope to see in players that can improve a player's opportunity to earn a contract offer.

Player traits that can improve any player's opportunity to earn a professional contract are consistent and straightforward. Team needs and big name free agent signings may influence the available roster spots, but coaches are constant suckers for two traits. These two traits are an eagerness participate in every drill and players that compete until the whistle on every play. Regardless of the sport or the level of competition, all coaches love these two traits. Just as every motorcyclist loves gloves and every coal miner loves to whistle coaches love actively engaged and participating players. Yes, size and positional strength are factored into this as well, but players need to understand coaches always believe they can coach around a player's deficiencies. What they refuse to coach around or coach a player transition through is a player's unwillingness to remain ready to participate or a player unwillingness to compete until the end of the play. Coaches just as players have enormous egos, believing they can outperform or out scheme competition and only require a team of players that can effectively execute their scheme. Our advice to players is always to study your game, but until your on a roster, players please research and know coaches.

National Gridiron League player tryouts for the 2020 season are set to begin this coming July in Georgia. For more information, please visit https://www.nationalgridiron.com/ngl-summer-mini-camp and for the latest league information continue to visit nationalgridiron.com.